The opening season of Phew comprises a programme exploring practices of over-relating and withdrawing titled Tell Me More and Tell Me Less.

Learning and Access: Bonnie Camplin

Bonnie Camplin lives and works in London. She teaches at Goldsmiths College and is nominated for the Turner Prize 2015. Simultaneously to her exhibition at Tramway, Glasgow, Bonnie has worked with Phew to develop a new learning and access project for the season.

September 2015

Film Screening: Pauline Bastard

Pauline Bastard lives and works in Paris. She participated in the 30th Sao Paulo Biennial and recently exhibited at Centre Pompidou. During Phew’s first season Pauline will screen her 2009 film Gossip and be available (via. Skype) for a post-screening Q&A session.

Coming 2016

Creative Archive: Philip Normal

Philip Normal lives and works in London. He studied fashion at Westminster University, was a significant character in the UK early-millennium ‘electroclash’ clubbing scene and is currently LGBT Officer for Vauxhall Labour Party. Phew has worked with Philip to collate and present an archive of his work and ideas to date.

From late October 2015

Music Tour: [SPEAKS]





SPEAKS, the London/Brighton experimental hip-hop band fronted by critically acclaimed Lele Speaks, will hit the road next month for their first ever mini tour of Scottish venues with support from Loki, one of Scotland’s most prolific and well-known rappers. Kicking things off in Dundee before travelling to Glasgow and Edinburgh the band will showcase material from their most recent album Pencils from a cup

Previously described by The Guardian as “if Daphne & Celeste and Eminem spawned a monster” Lele Speaks released The Mentalist Daily Mixtape on Raggotech Records in 2009 before forming the band SPEAKS in 2012. Their first LP Pencils from a cup was released independently in 2015 and can be heard here:

Loki, described by The Scotsman as “a powerful grassroots political orator of resonant lyrical ability” is one of Scotland’s most celebrated rappers with 17 previously released albums. His most recent album, G.I.M.P, was released through Black Lantern in 2014 and can be heard here:

March 2016

Online Project: Joey Villemont

Joey Villemont lives and works in Thorigny sur Marne. He has presented solo exhibitions of his work at Collective, Edinburgh, CCA, Glasgow and Galerie Valentin, Paris and is co-founder of the curatorial enterprise It’s Our Playground. Combining the easy-going nature of Phew with Joey’s own work our online project this season is simply a link to Joey’s existent project

Throughout season

Offsite Project: The One Where We Wonder What Friends Did?

Working in collaboration with WASPS Hanson Street venue Phew will present an off-site exhibition of new work by sole studio member Oliver Braid in autumn 2015. The exhibition will run for six weeks and include two new engagement workshops designed and hosted by Oliver.

As a project my new sculpture was inspired by the roles played by relationships in late 20th century culture, collaborative and curatorial practices across early 21st century culture, distortion and medieval mereological thought. As an object the sculpture was developed with two questions in mind; What is the use of artistic embroidery atop philosophical carpentry? And what is the object that is the relationship between use and not-use?

You can learn more about this project here.

Opening evening: Friday 25th September 2015, 6 – 9pm.
Exhibition runs: Saturday 26th September – Saturday 7th November 2015.

Roundtable Discussion: Gemma Barker & Julia Davis

Gemma Barker is originally from Surrey, where she was convicted of sexual assault and fraud and sentenced to thirty months imprisonment. She was also the subject of the documentary The Girl Who Became Three Boys. Julia Davis lives and works in London. She wrote the critically acclaimed television comedies Nighty Night and Hunderby, both of which won British Comedy Awards. Join Gemma and Julia at Phew for a roundtable discussion on the theme of persistence.

April 2016

Community Engagement: Stinson Hunter

Stinson Hunter lives and works in Nuneaton. He is a filmmaker, journalist and vigilante best known for his role in the BAFTA award winning documentary The Paedophile Hunter. As the major community engagement project of the season Phew will host an undercover residency with Stinson and his crew on to produce a Glasgow edition of his new series The Paedophile Hunter Diaries.

April 2016

Reading Group: Donna Tartt’s Big Breaks

Donna Tartt has published three major novels over the last three decades; beginning with The Secret History in 1992 followed by The Little Friend in 2002 and most recently The Goldfinch in 2013. This season’s Reading Group will hold its first meeting to discuss the effects of these breaks on Donna’s writing and its effect on her readers. Subsequent meetings will be held following future publications of Donna’s work.

Coming 2016

Studio Holder: Oliver Braid

Oliver Braid lives and works in Phew. He is an artist and the sole studio holder. He has presented solo exhibitions and projects throughout the UK, including: I’ll Look Forward To It, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, My Five New Friends, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, Snorlax Beanbag, Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow and Communal Dolphin Snouting at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. His art works and curated projects are influenced by an aleatoric sensibility uncovered under popular 21st century thinking; observations of Objects, wandering with Well-being.

Throughout season

Limited Edition: ebaE

ebaE live and work in London and New York as an online magazine and retail space about modern shopping habits and the consequences of fast-fashion in today's world. Inspired by do-it-yourself movements and the ways young people dress themselves, ebaE offers an online platform for original thinking and problem solving through fashion.

On hiatus, please check back soon for further details